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My resto application

Name: Mazplaz

Class: Shaman

Spec: Resto

Previous TBC Experience: I have raided Karazhan a couple of times (Mained healed it once) . Have done heroic BF,UB,SP.

Armory Link:

Why I  Want to Join: 1st I want a to test a newly started "fresh from the oven" raiding guild. In my last guild we raided Kara and it didn't went so well, so i want to test a new guild.I am posting to you because I'm thinking and hoping that this guild will be much better than my last.

What You Can Give Us:A resto shammy with some good standard healing gear with 1150 bonus healing. Wich would be glad to help out in any raid or non raid instance  Smile

Could you explain what professions you are going to take and whether you are going to continue enchanting?

Also could you please explain the gem choices on your helm and gloves?



1st In WLK im going to start with inscriptions and therefore I'm not gonna continue with enchanting.

2nd I was a elemental combat and changed reasently to healer. I havn't had the chance to find a new helmet (I think you have noticed that I have several dps gears)

Thank you.


WHisper me or another Officer for an invite later.

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