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Name: Liquidfang



Previous TBC Experience:Full clears of kara except netherspite(never fought him), 4 first bosses at za and of course heroics

Armory Link:

Why You Want to Join: I want to have some raid fun, get better gear of course and to see if im capable player ;p

What You Can Give Us: A reliable player with full epic gear thou 50% is pvp and 50% is pve but i guess for eg that pvp weapons aren't far from pve weapons. Good enchants on gear i currently have. Good dps i was 3rd dps at za pug that went thorugh 4 bosses with 3 chests. And i was like 0,5% after 2nd dps with sub build! Consider changing spec if some decent daggers will drop for combat daggers/mutilate or combat swords in same case. Cheers ;p . And im loyal that will be my 2nd guild if u will accept me Smile. I leave the previous one because we dont raid at all and dont even do heroics so im forced to look for pugs.

We can help you work on the bits of gear missing.

Accepted - Whisper me or another officer ingame.

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