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Application - Resto Shammy


Character Name: Shamanish
Class: Shaman
Spec: Restoration - PvP, I think I am going to spec Resto - PvE after a couple of runs.
Race: Orc Male
Professions: Blacksmithing 75, Mining 1. As you can see I haven't really cared about profs.

Why I want to join: I have always wanted to join a recently started guild, for start raiding experience, since I haven't focused at PvE'ing at all till now. And ofcause I want to meet new friendly people. But I join first of all because of PvE.

Gear: My healinggear is not something I am proud of. But I have a good reason to this, since I have focused on PvP, I have been specced Enhancement most of the time. That means that I have much better Enhancement gear than Resto gear. -> <- That is my Armory, take a look and have a little laugh:>

About me:
My name is Stefan, I am from Denmark. 16 years old. I like to party with my friends as well as gaming with them:> I am doing tenth grade at the moment, so that mean I have quite good time for late night PvE, since we don't do too much in 10. grade:J Althought, I'll log if the clock hits 2 o'clock (Unless we're doing a boss:>). I won't be sleeping through school.

That was just about it:> Hope you enjoy it. Cu ingame.


See you in game.

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