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Application - holy paladin

Name: FLusi

Class: Bloodelf

Spec: Holy

Previous TBC Experience: Kz (cleared), maggy (cleared), ZA (Cleared), grull (cleared), BT nuked at 1 st boss

Armory Link:

Why You Want to Join: I want to join because i just want some little raiding... that will say i join all KZ, ZA, Grull,,,, will not BT ect atm

What You Can Give Us: I can give you a serious team mate, there have experiance in WoW Twisted Evil


Full Real name: Christoffer Kock Petersen

From: Denmark

PHow long time have you played WoW: 3 years

How many lvl 70'ers: 4, Viruxx, Flusi, Dextorr and Deadlyelf

Have a good day, hopeing you see this and will acceping my Apply. Im online 4-00 pm paris time the 10-9-2008

At the moment we could possibly do with another tank as much as another healer.

If we wanted you to spec protection for a run would you be willing to and do you have the gear? (even as an off tank)


Contact me or an Officer in-game.

       Concept Forum Index -> Applications
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